Sunday, January 30, 2011

The World As I Know It

As a little girl growing up, one of my dreams was always to become a published author. I used to imagine the day that I would see my book in a book store with my name on the cover. Oh, that day would be fabulous! I would dance in the aisles and declare to everyone within shouting distance that "Look! That's meeee!".

But the world has changed. Technology came along. And not only did it come along, but it accelerated at an alarming rate. Now, the chances are good that  if  when I get published it it will be with an e-Publisher. Does that make my dream any less exciting? Does it take away something from that original dream? I don't think so. And I don't think any of my friends that have already been published with an e-Publisher think so either.

Sure, I think most of us still have that dream of having a solid, paper book in our hands with our name on it. I think we still strive to reach that goal. Getting a book published is a huge accomplishment, regardless of the format, and with the popularity of Kindles and Nooks we can still point to a cover and declare our ascension to writer's paradise.

And, if we have to run about with an electronic gadget in our hands instead of a paper book while we do it? Who cares.

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  1. I admire your determined attitude, Laura. The medium may have changed a bit, but an e-book is still a book. See you in print! :)

  2. I'm getting ready to have my first ebook published, and I couldn't be prouder if it were in hardback! Still the same amount of work and time and heart. Great article

  3. Thanks Kat and Kim, both. I agree, a book is a book regardless of format and I can't wait!