Monday, January 17, 2011

I Need A Man!!!!

Any man will do.

In fact, several would be great!

You don't even have to look like the picture. I'm not picky.

I'm having trouble getting to know the hero of my story. I can't get in his head.

Oh...I probably could, and I'm trying, but right now I'm questioning whether I'm inventing or it's really him. (I know that sounds crazy since I'm actually the one creating him, but writers will know what I mean.)

I've tried using my husband as a role model - naturally my hero is partly my husband. But not all him.

I can picture him. I know what he looks like. I know how sexy he is. I know how he feels about my girl. I just can't get really deep in his head. He did enlighten me about a couple of things that totally surprised me but for the most part he's being really uncooperative, the sexy bastard.

I've tried character sheets. That's actually where I start questioning whether it's me or him.

And for my Savvy friends, yes I am aware that Savvy will soon be having a workshop on this very thing. I may very well take it, I don't know yet. But Savvy has workshops on everything and I can't afford them all. (I wish I could!) I have to be choosy.

I know that locale makes a difference. A man born in raised in the deep south thinks and reacts to things differently than a man born and raised in California. At least I would assume so. I think certain traits are inherent in all men though.

I need a man. One that is willing to let me pick his brain. And won't laugh at my random, off the wall questions.

Barring one of the species that possess the dangly bits coming forward and volunteering, do any of you other writers out there have any advice on how to get into a man's head?


  1. Laura: why don't you have a glass of favorite beverage and let your mind free associate. Picture your hero in different scenarios - work, store, working out - interacting with people, being alone and see how he acts. I do that and it helps. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Robin, I'll try it! :)

  3. Asking about his biggest fear, what he likes in a woman, does he like kids, or what he'd do if he won the lottery. See if any of these help you.

    Pat Marinelli

  4. Excellent idea PattiAnne, thank you. That's harder than it sounds though. When I started asking myself what his biggest fear is, I naturally moved on to what her biggest fear is...and logically, they would ultimately be the same. Which doesn't seem right. So I need to think about that more.

  5. I have one like that. I'm not writing his story yet, thank God, but he's tight lipped as hell. Took months for him to let it slip that he's got a touch of the second sight, (!!!) then he just shut up again.

    One of the things that works for me is figuring out what his growing up years were like. If that fails, take him out and get him drunk and see if what he says then. ;)