Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Laid Plans (and all that)...

So, I totally had a plan. I was going to start writing more and start blogging more. I was going to get this done, damn it! Yeah well, I shoulda kept my mouth shut. LOL

Let's see...first my son got hit by a snow plow. Yeah, you read that right. A freaking SNOW PLOW hit my child...and then drove off. Luckily, he wasn't too seriously least compared to what could have happened but he still went to the ER by ambulance and was sent home on crutches where he limped around for about 2 weeks. It took a big gouge out of his shin along with various smaller gouges here and there, scratched up his back and side pretty good and turned both of his legs yellow with bruising for a while.

Now, my son is not small. He is a 6'2 sixteen year old with the build of a linebacker. He was not walking too close to the road and he was with two other people, both girls, one of which was also hit. You cannot tell me that the driver didn't see them, or at the very least, feel that hit. We made a report to the police, who checked to make sure it wasn't a city snow plow since they can track those by GPS (apparently all the city snow plows were already back in the garage at the time of the incident) and....that's about it. That's all they will do since nobody got the license plate number. I kind of think it's crap, personally. He may be a big kid, but it's still a hit and run of a kid.

Oh, and the conversation with the "Accident Investigation Division" was quite pleasant.
  • Officer: "If it was a city snow plow wouldn't you agree that they probably didn't see him?"
  • Me: "Well, I would agree that it's possible they didn't see him."
  • Officer: "Well, then it's not really a hit/skip if they didn't know they hit him then, is it?"
  • Me: (incredulous) "Ok, so this guy can just say they didn't see him and he gets away with it? He has no responsibility? WTF?"
  • Officer: "No, he would still be responsible but if he didn't see him then it's technically not a hit/skip so it wouldn't be something we would investigate."

Wow. That's all I can say about that.

On top of that, somehow we ended up dog-sitting my mother-in-law's (yes I know it's mothers-in-law but I hate that, it just never looks right to me) sick dog so that we could see if he would get better before she just took him and put him down because she's not capable of caring for him. That was fun. Oh yeah. When we first got him he couldn't even walk. We had to hook him up in some harness at his back end and support him so he could walk. LOTS of work and attention. Within four days he was up walking on his own and snarling at our dogs (SO not happy about that) and getting territorial. By day five one of his hind legs was swollen. Took him to our vet and found out that he's actually got bone cancer (she had been told hip dysplasia by a different vet). *sad face* He's too old for any of the treatments to really be a viable option. So, we sent him home so that she could spend some time with him and decide what she wants to do.

My son does virtual schooling and is a sophomore so it's time for OGT testing (Ohio Graduation Testing, I think is what it stands for) - mandatory state testing for all sophomores. Which means transporting him to an off site location each night to do the testing. Not a big deal, but time consuming.

We are also house hunting, so any free time (haha) lately has been devoted to following a realtor around looking at houses and all that fun stuff.

Oh yeah, and working. Can't forget that.

In the midst of all of that I didn't get much of a chance to write. Can you imagine? I did, however, manage to do a bit of research, work out a problem in my plot that I was having and do a (little) bit of character development as well as some free write stuff.

And now, I'm here as promised.

So, that has been my crazy, chaotic life for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it happened right when I had multiple workshops going on over at Savvy that, as a result, I didn't have time to participate in, which really stinks.