Thursday, January 13, 2011

public declaration

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have joined the Winter Writing Festival and we had to declare our goals. So I figured I would declare them here as well.

My goals:
  • 500 words per day on any one of the 4 story ideas
  • 1 hour research
  • 1 hour plotting/character development/etc.
  • Writing at least one blog per week.

  • I give myself permission to take Friday OR Saturday off since those are my husbands days off and I give myself permission to take Tuesdays off as those are deadline days for me with my day job and extremely busy (so two days off per week).

  • I will not revise or edit until I have whatever I’m working on at least half done or I will get too caught up in details and get derailed.
 Each time we meet one of our goals we get to give ourselves a point, including one for signing up. So far, I've written two blog posts (three if you count this one). And if we go above and beyond we still get to give ourselves points for it. So four points so far. Uh huh, that's right, count 'em - that's four, on day three. I am doing good!

Ok, suuuuure, so technically it's not actually working on any of my stories, but it's a step. Don't be so picky. I'm writing!

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  1. Just for me to keep track:

    So far this week I've written 3 blogs and spent about an hour or so on character development, interviewing my hero and getting to know him better. 5 Points so far. :)