Sunday, August 31, 2008

hot on the trail

I joined some yahoo groups a few days ago.

They are supposed to send out writing prompts, help people get past writers block or, at the very least, give ideas of things to write about.

I joined one about journaling. So far that one just seems like a big social group and not a lot about actual journaling is mentioned.

I haven't decided yet if I want to stay in this group. Today they were discussing politics. It's rather annoying. I joined the group to get ideas about journaling, NOT to listen the political views of others.

They do, however, do one thing that I've noticed so far. They do this thing called Thankful Thursdays. Since my goal with this blog is to get myself writing I thought maybe I'd do that here, even though it's not Thursday.

Life has been a pain in the ass lately so I'm not sure how much I'm actually going to find to be thankful for, sadly.

So, without further ado, here is my list....

  • My marriage. We've been married for 16 years and it hasn't always been easy. Not even a little bit. We've endured separations and have perilously close to divorce a couple of times. But marriage is hard work and we've worked at saving it and I think our relationship is closer and stronger for it.
  • My husband. Again, we all have our problems right. And everybody has their quirks and habits that annoy the shit out of others. We learn to live with them and get past them. He's a great guy. He's very generous and thoughtful and kind. He loves me despite all my weirdness and my own quirks. He understands me. And damn if the man isn't hot!
  • My kids. There are definite issues with one of them that has made life extremely difficult lately but I'm still thankful for them and I love them.
  • My friends and our monthly outings. Last night we went to Shakespeare in the Park. We do this regularly in the summer. It's an outdoor stage and you get to sit beneath the stars. We always take wine and food too. This month we are going canoeing. These outings sometimes help me maintain my sanity. Especially when wine is involved.
  • My parents and my family. I'm glad that my parents are still around and that my family is close. We're totally functional in a really dysfunctional way. We are definitely not your average family. Or maybe we are. There are a lot of "steps" and "halfs" and races and ethnicities. We accept just about anybody and base it on who you are not what you are. I love that about my family.

Those are pretty basic right? I'm sure I could have been more imaginative. Next time I'll do a more interesting one. Maybe I'll make this a regular thing. Helps put life in perspective.

At least it made me sit down and write!

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