Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not Chatty Cathy!

When I created this blog, it was going to be a way of sort of forcing me to actually sit down and write. At least to me, in my mind...that was the idea.

Of course, little did I realize that contrary to what my husband believes.....I just really don't have much to say!

I work from home except for one day a week. On that one day I travel to various courthouses and gather information, seeing all of my old co-workers that I used to work with on a daily basis. I work. I chat. And inevitably I'm in a hurry to get the work done, cut the chatting and get back home.

Occasionally this need to be done so that I can leave stems from a logical source....parking meters running out and costing me a $20 parking ticket, having a lot to do once I get back home and so forth. Frankly though, what mainly drives it is just that I work from home people! I don't want to be there, in those buildings downtown or in other county any longer than I need to be because well....I work from home! I mean really? Who really wants to go to work?

Unfortunately, this means that the good majority of all my social interaction comes from my husband and children, or my family and friends that I talk to on the phone often/see occasionally. This does not make for a lot of blog fodder.

Well, I guess that's not entirely true. My kids can provide quite a lot of entertainment, I just have to remember those instances...write them down or something, just because it's such an everyday thing that I forget a lot of it. I think my life is boring. My mother thinks it's a soap opera.

I've also wrestled with the idea of total anonymity or honesty. I think for now I will remain anonymous. That said, however, being anonymous is totally not my style so it probably won't last. I'm a true Sagittarius. We like to be noticed.

I've blog hopped quite a bit lately to see what others are writing about. I've found some really great blogs too! Wow, that can be time consuming!! So maybe it's not quite as the idea of it is and I'll be back more.

And I have to get my page background and stuff done. (Sorry Petty!!) I had a friend make that great header for me and I need to get on the ball and get it set up right and provide a link back to her.

So what motivated you to start blogging?

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