Friday, September 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes we all get so bogged down in the daily stresses and anxieties of life that we tend to focus too much on the negative in our life.

Today, date the top of your page and number from one to ten. Write down ten things you have to be grateful for this week. It doesn't matter how trivial it seems. Even if the best thing that happened was your morning cup of coffee, put it down.

You'll be surprised because the more you do this the more you'll find you have to be thankful for. It may be a struggle at first, but it will help you see what you do have versus what you don't.

I'm thankful ...
  1. That my sons surgery (ACL) went well yesterday.
  2. That we have good insurance to pay for this sort of stuff.
  3. That tomorrow is payday.
  4. For cooler days so that I can open the windows and let in the fresh air instead of running the A/C constantly.
  5. For the coming Autumn because that is my favorite season and I can't wait to see the leaves.
  6. For a job that allows me to work from home and set my own schedule.
  7. That my father has survived his many (26) surgeries and that he's not ready to give up.
  8. That Halloween is coming up. It's one of my favorite holidays.
  9. For good music and movies, the thoughts and ideas that they inspire or the calming the effect that they have.
  10. For having a family that allows me the freedom to be me. Even if they do think I'm crazy half the time. And for finally realizing that I do have that freedom with them.
It's harder than you think it is to come up with 10 things!

And ok, it's a little past Thursday again but oh well.

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