Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Write On Wednesday

I've decided to start doing an activity on Wednesdays that I'm going to call "Write On Wednesday", where I write something from a prompt. I'm hoping that it'll get me a) writing on the blog again, and b) into a regular practice of writing something for fun. When I can, I'm also going to try to use a character from one of my WIP's for the prompt. That should help me get to know the characters better, and see how they react in different situations. I'm not editing any of the work from any of the prompts and I'm limiting myself to a thousand words or less. This is just supposed to be a fairly quick writing exercise. Let me know what you think!

Catelyn is the MC from the romantic suspense that I've been working on (forever). She has gone away to college and is majoring in art. 

The prompt: "It was the first snowfall of the year."


Catelyn stood looking out the window of her room at the sorority house, watching the snowflakes fall. It was the first snowfall of the year, and an event that she always looked forward to. The snow always seemed to somehow make the world seem quiet and it gave her a peaceful feeling. She loved the concept of snowflakes and how each one was unique. It inspired her and made her feel creative. If enough snow fell tonight, she planned on going out tomorrow with her camera to capture some images she could paint, or at the very least, use for inspiration.

She had just sat back down at her desk when one of her sorority sisters poke her head in the door. “Cate, the Kappa guys are having a party tonight to celebrate the first snow. Come on, get ready!”

Catelyn glanced over at Libby and smiled. “No, thanks Lib. I have some stuff I want to work on tonight. You guys have fun though.”

Libby rolled her eyes at her. “You never want to go out, Cate. You know, college is about more than work. Come out and have some fun with us.”

Catelyn barely heard her, already focused on her sketch pad. When Libby's words finally sank in, she barely restrained herself from rolling her own eyes the way Libby had. It's about more than partying too, but she didn't say it aloud. Instead she looked over at Libby and just shrugged.

Libby sighed. “Look, Cate, you should know that some of the girls are talking about removing you from the sorority. You never make an effort to participate in anything that we do and they just feel like it would be better for the sorority if your slot was filled with someone that actually cared about being here.”

Seriously? Participate in anything they do? Cate put her pencil down and stood up. Turning around to face Libby, she leaned against her desk. “Really? Is that what they said?”

Libby fidgeted with her blouse. “Yeah, it's how pretty much everyone feels, Cate. They plan to take a vote at the next meeting.”

Cate laughed, which seemed to shock Libby, judging by the expression on her face. Cate was sure that everyone expected her to be devastated but she was a little relieved. “Participate in anything they do, Libby? Really? What do they do besides party?” Cate laughed again. “You know, I joined this sorority because I thought it would put me around other creative people who were interested in the same types of things that I am. Even without factoring in art, you'd think they could at least attempt some sort of activities that didn't involve drinking.”

That seemed to make Libby angry. She fully walked into the room and tossed her purse on Cate's bed. When she turned around to face her, she put her hands on her hips and glared at Cate. “You are such a self-righteous little bitch, Cate. You want to judge us for having a good time while all you want to do is study and draw and paint and whatever else it is that you do. You think you have to be little miss perfect southern belle. Why don't you just go home? Obviously college life is not for you.”

Catelyn's eyebrows rose at the last statement and the amusement she felt threatened to make her start giggling. She snorted instead. “You are unbelievable, Libby. All of you are. You are such hypocrites. If all you wanted to do was party, why go to college? You're paying a lot of money just to party. And yet you criticize me for actually doing my work. You're funny. Don't worry. I'll leave voluntarily. I'd rather be in the dorm anyway. No need to vote me out.” Cate walked over to the door and held it open. “Now get out of my room, please. I have work to do.”

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