Friday, June 24, 2011

Koosh ball philosophy

Do you know what a koosh ball is? They are those squishy balls that come in various sizes with little things that stick out all over them. They are squishy and fun and a major source of stress release for me. Even though they are for children, I just love these things.

I don't actually own one of these. Mostly because I hate to shop and every time recently that my husband has dragged me into a store, I keep forgetting to get one. I want to get one though, to use like a stress ball. I think it will help me get rid of some of my stress. And maybe some of those aggressive tendencies during the PMS times. 

Before I had decide that I would, in fact, like to buy one of these my husband and I had gone to the store and there was a display of these right inside the door. Every time I would see one I'd say "oh! Look honey! Koosh balls!", and I would have to pick one up and play with it. Which would, inevitably, lead to my husband rolling his eyes at me and informing me that they are for children.

So, this particular time at the store, I picked one up and said "Look honey! Koosh balls!". I tossed one to him and then picked up another to play with. I was squeezing and squishing it (they are very squishable) causing one side of it to pop out and just having fun. He tosses the other one back to me and starts to walk away. After catching it, I push them together and squeeze both of them, causing them both to pop out on one side. At this point, being the crazy woman that he loves, I held both of them in front of my chest and started bouncing around. I called out to my husband, who was probably 20 feet away by then, and said "honey! Boob job!"

He turns around to look at me, turns beet red and (literally) hisses at me "you know they can see you in the security cameras!" I'm like "hello, have you met me? Do you really think I care? Besides, if they are watching me, they are probably laughing anyway." I know my husband though. Even though he is mortified on the outside, he is laughing at me on the inside.

It's probably the biggest difference between the two of us. I have never really cared much what people think of me. I'm also the person you'll see driving down the highway and dancing in her car. My personal philosophy is that life is short, you may as well enjoy it and have fun. He cares more about what people think. He is not one to just cut loose and have a good time. He's quiet and reserved. Looking back, I'm amazed that we ever ended up together. 

On the other hand, I think it's one of the things that keeps us together. I keep him young and force him to have a good time and enjoy life. Whether he wants to or not. He keeps me grounded in reality instead of off in my own little world. He handles the bills. I handle the fun. He is like a stodgy, old man. I'm like the perpetual teenager. 

Next time we go to the store, I have to remember to buy myself a koosh ball.

What keeps you and your spouse/significant other together? Are you opposites? And what's your personal philosophy?